With a passion built upon creative thinking

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With a passion built upon creative thinking

Our Services

by Dylan Wolff


Getting the right speaker makes all the difference at your conference or off site.  Whether you want to focus your team or bring them a new way of thinking to doing business Lynn can help you.  Her engaging pragmatic style means that your C-suite and front line can benefit immediately. Her wealth of experience means that real world application and impact which can be put to immediate use.

A key note of around 20 minutes or a workshop to create involvement can all be tailored to your needs.  Whether you have a large group or a more informal gathering Lynn’s ideas will spark conversation and action to change.


Training is no longer about sitting in a classroom. Sharp, focused learning enables businesses to make the most of the time spent developing new ways of approaching their work.  Training is not just about learning new things, it can be about updating your thinking too.  The journey of how to be the best you can be starts by focusing on your strengths and how you can use these to achieve more and contribute most at work and beyond.

Whether you want to build a team, explore future ways of working or have some specialised and specific focused learning developed to provide a real solution that can be implemented today, talk to us about how I can deliver on site, or on line or a blended learning solution to meet your development needs.


Lynn has been coaching since 1995.  One of Australia’s original coaches, her work focuses on making sustainable change and directing your efforts to meet your goals and needs. Coaching is about unlocking your potential. Find what is limiting you today and start making your tomorrow possible. When you are ready to move beyond planning your goals to making them a reality, talk to Lynn about focused coaching action. Are you ready to be the corporate athlete at your peak?

Thought Leadership through Think-Tank Connect

Feeling stuck?  If you really want to think about your business differently or change the way you approach and currently implement your training then it is time to move outside and get some advice to make change within. We can help you update your approach to learning and development or engagement with your fellow work colleagues through think tank connect.  The insights gained in just a few short hours can provide insight based upon years of active research and real practical advice.

It can be lonely at the top or on your way there too.  Often executives do not have the time or interest to read the myriad of new material or research that can assist them in doing their business differently.  Having a trusted advisor can make all the difference.

Career Strategies and Directioning

There is not just one career but many to be had.  Whether you are starting out or looking to be more satisfied by the work you do career directioning can assist you to be supported and create achievable action plans to have the work you want where you want it.

By exploring where you are today along with your passions and interests along with the important life skills and choices that have brought you to this point, we support you to make real career change (or a career start).  Lynn’s book (with Paul Slezak) 21 Things to Do to get a New job NOW! Is still considered the go to guide for getting the job you want for today, tomorrow and your future.