by Dylan Wolff
Watch and listen to some of these thought provoking ideas.

Do Just One Thing Now

Do Just One Thing Now was presented by Lynn at Wired for Wonder 2016.  If you are tired and busy spend just ten minutes to see how this can change your life.

Who is Lynn Gribble?

Working with any consultant you need to know who they are, their background and a little bit about them. Lynn explains who is she and some of her views so you can get to know Lynn and a bit more about her. Then book your time to talk with Lynn here

Working with Lynn

Understanding how Lynn works with her clients will help you to know how Lynn can help you. Her down to earth, pragmatic approach is tailored to suit you, your organisation and what you need.

What is Lynn thinking about now?

This series of videos will help you understand what Lynn can share with your organisation. These insights about passion can help you find your motivation today! Like to see more, book Lynn for your next conference or off site meeting today.  

Some insights that will help

Feeling stuck? In this series of videos Lynn introduces the concept of choice and how she can help you when you are feeling stuck in your career or in general.

Making change happen

Want to make change?  In this series Lynn provides some helpful hints and tips to make change possible based her philosophy of how.

Gain even more insights to support your success

Insights for success.  In this series, Lynn considers some of her practical yet easy approaches to support your development and success. 

Need some inspiration?

Listen to Lynn’s podcast about focusing on what is possible.