Month: January 2007

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Toxic management

Let’s imagine that your best friend tells you this. “I have a partner who I love and I know they love me its just that they want me to be better than I am so they yell at me and belittle me in front of others, and I feel really worthless after it happens”. Most good friends would say “they don’t love you this is abuse!” and if it went further and it was physical, we would do just about anything to support them to leave. But psychological abuse is as detrimental and what’s worse we often can’t see it until it’s already done the damage.

Now let’s just change one fact in the above scenario. It’s the friend’s boss or work colleague. Now you probably say it depends. If it is a colleague, we tell them to ignore them or find strategies to deal with it. If it’s their boss we call them an idiot or a jerk and we say you should look for another job or we wonder if there is something else behind it. Maybe they are difficult at work, have dropped the ball and not delivered, perhaps they are not as competent as we first thought. So we start to question our friend. Have they done this, tried that, what lead to it, and we help them to strategise to stay.

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Ever wondered…?

If you have ever sat at your desk wondering how you might solve an employee problem or situation, you might have overlooked that help is at hand. Did you know that my business, Talking Trends can assist you in:

  • Creating culture change programs that integrate into your performance management system, values and work practices;
  • Providing training and team building days for your teams and managers that assist them to be more productive and obtain their goals and drive outcomes;
  • Coaching your senior managers to improve their management and critical thinking skills;
  • The provision of mediation services to get a workable solution that does not involve the courts yet is legally binding; and
  • Assist you in creating policies and practices that support your people and your managers.

For more information and to see how we can help you to improve your workplace, give me a call on 02 9281 4266.